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Hello all, We are building a strong team of chapter leaders and meetup groups across the globe, but are always looking to add to the Neurons team. We have a number of chapters that require leaders / co-leaders urgently. Helping to run a Neurons Chapter is hugely...

Previous UK Speakers

Galiya Warrier is a Data Solution Architect at Microsoft

Galiya helps enterprise customers to adopt Microsoft Azure Data technologies, ranging from Big Data workloads to Machine Learning and AI.

Title: Data and AI with Microsoft Azure Cloud
The talk will be focussed around the overview & demos on Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning / Cognitive Services / Bot Framework services.

Billy Wong is Chapter Lead of DataKind UK

Billy leads the Selection, Scoping and Impact Committee, which is responsible for aligning DataKind UK with the right charity partners and the right projects to achieve social good. Billy grew up in Hong Kong and worked across Asia in the Business Intelligence industry. Billy also studied for an MBA at INSEAD, France, after which he joined BT Plc and led the analytical work for commercial deal negotiations. He currently works as a data scientist in the higher education sector and helps universities devise strategies using data-driven techniques.

Kyriakos Christodoulides is an algorithm developer and he specialises in providing solutions using -BIG- sensory data, as well as bridging technical project communications. Kyriakos holds a PhD in String Theory, and has held numerous academic and industrial research posts related to algorithm development, applied mathematics and theoretical physics. He has contributed to various R&D and data-analytics projects using a range of methodologies, including machine learning. His most important industrial achievements include the development of novel nuclear-imaging algorithms for the detection of nuclear fuel debris at Fukushima and Sellafield, and asset condition monitoring algorithms for the early detection of rail-breaks. Kyriakos is the organiser of ‘The London Business Book Club’ and he is a keen salsa dancer. You can find more details at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyriakos-christodoulides-bb18909b/

Jos Battle, CEO, People’s Holdings
Jos is the founder of People’s Holdings and an expert in business development. He’s an entrepreneur and has successfully started up businesses across a range of sectors. Jos is a pioneer of doing business the right way. He places particular emphasis on the importance of relationships and people (hence the company name) and believes business success is all down to who you work with and who works for you. He’s a supporter of the community and as such is a trustee of several different Yorkshire based charities and can be regularly found doing mental things to help raise funds for them.

David McKee, Research Fellow, School of Computing, University of Leeds
Research Fellow in the Distributed Systems and Services research group with a specialisation in real-time systems, service-orientation, and simulation. With an MEng in Computer Systems and Software Engineering from University of York, David is an academic with a keen eye on commercialisation and has held various roles in companies from technical through business advisory, and is currently the acting CEO & CTO at Slingshot Simulations.

Jessica Shailes, Head of Digital Marketing, The Ideal Marketing Company
As Head of Digital Marketing at a successful full service marketing agency and owner of an ecommerce company, Jessica is an expert in implementing strategic innovations in marketing and technology. Having worked in marketing for over a decade, she has been directly involved in employing the techniques and practices dictated by the evolution of social media, websites and advertising. Jessica aims to be at the forefront of new initiatives; her participation in Google’s Squared Online Digital Marketing programme resulted in her being named as an inspirational leader by her peers and programme leaders. Jessica was named one of the top 5 most connected women in marketing by LinkedIn UK as part of International Women’s Day.

David Hogg, Professor of AI, University of Leeds
David is internationally recognized for his work on computer vision, particularly in the areas of video analysis and activity recognition. He has been a visiting professor at the MIT Media Lab, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the University of Leeds, Chair of the ICT Strategic Advisory Team at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in the UK, and most recently Chair of an international review panel for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence commissioned by EPSRC.

Stuart Sherman, CEO, IMC Business Architecture, Scaled Insights
Stuart runs one of the most innovative AI companies in the world, pioneering a new class of AI, “Behavioural AI”.  Stuart studied Managerial Sciences in university, specifically Behavioural Economics, and Organisational Behaviour. Stuart went on to start an early Management Information Services company which, in the late 1980’s, ran a private network for mail and file transfer between Toronto, New York and Mexico City. Selling that company, Stuart founded one of Canada’s first Digital Agencies – before the Internet was a household thing! That company was sold in 1999 to WPP and Stuart transitioned into Finance, creating an innovative sub-prime lender, which built a substantial automotive loan portfolio, sold shortly before the financial crisis of 2007. After that Stuart once again got interested in Technology, and specifically the early stages of AI. Today you will find him working with some of the worlds’ largest companies, designing and implementing AI designed to change the way they understand their Big Data.

Dr Janet Bastiman is Chief Science Officer at Storystream where she heads up the AI division. She has extensive experience in leading teams and building AI systems. With over 10 years experience at C-level, she has taken abstract concepts to innovative scalable products at multiple companies. A STEM polymath, Janet brings multidisciplinary ideas to the departments she leads, forming cutting edge research teams with an eye on delivery that is rarely seen. She has a bachelors and masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from Oxford, and her PhD was in the field of Computational Neuroscience.

Janet is a co-founder of the Tech Women London Meetup group and regularly speaks and writes on various technical subjects. She blogs on maths and technology at http://janjanjan.uk.


Aric Whitewood is the founding partner of WilmotML which combines machine learning and AI techniques with an established macro and risk appetite framework, in order to provide advisory services and to create new investment products. Previously Aric and I worked together at Credit Suisse, where Aric was the Head of Data Science for Client Analytics based in Switzerland.

Dr Andy Pardoe is Principal Director for Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Digital with a focus on Innovation, Strategy and Delivery across all Industry sectors. Founder of the Informed.AI Group - The AI Knowledge and Community Platform, which includes the Annual Achievement Awards for AI and Neurons.AI, the Professional Networking for AI Practitioners.

An International speaker, author and thought leader on the topic of Artificial Intelligence, and in 2017, he was listed by IBM Watson in the Top 30 AI Influencers globally. Also an Expert Advisor to the British Government’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.

"Continuum of Intelligence"
Andy will be talking about the continuum of intelligence, his new book, and reflecting on some of the interesting topics related to the journey talked advanced super intelligence


  • Paul Ryan – UK Head of IBM Watson
  • Mark Whitehorn – Professor of Analytics, University of Dundee
  • Jan Van Hoecke, CTO at RAVN Systems
  • Dr Andy Pardoe
  • George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead at Willis Towers Watson
  • Bjorn Madsen, Director of Global Operations at Multi Talent Technology

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