Chapter Leaders

Resources and Useful Materials

To Share with Members

Our Neurons.AI Online Platform

Please make sure the members are aware of Neurons.AI, which has user blogs and forums which they can use to continue the discussions online. Its free to join.

Our LinkedIn Group people can search the LinkedIn groups for Informed.AI

Our Slack Group

Also we have a Neurons Slack group at



Below is some Signage you can print off and use to help attendees find the room of the Meetup

Neurons.AI Sign

Promotional Presentation

Please use this to introduce Informed.AI, Neurons.AI and our other Websites

These MUST be used at Every Meeting

Presentation in PPT Format – New for 2019

Presentation in PDF Format – New for 2019

First Meeting

The keys to a successful first meeting is finding an appropriate venue and stimulating good discussions within the attendees during the meeting.


Selecting a good venue is key.


Stimulating discussions can be done in a number of ways;

  1. Simply asking the audience for their ideas and suggestions for future events, including topics and speakers.
  2. Having an Open Mic section of the meeting, where anyone can take 5mins to share something AI related with the group
  3. Pick a topic and start an open discussion on it.



Intro Video

Video from Dr Andy Pardoe – Founder introducing Neurons.AI and Informed.AI

Linked to YouTube Video:

Information for Prospective Leaders

We have a Chapter Leaders Guide that give a good overview of what is required to run a Neurons Chapter.

It is worth having a read of this before arranging a call with Andy to discuss.



Agenda Formats




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